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Biden Disapproval Rating Hits Highest Mark of Presidency: Poll

Conservative News Digest: It's amazing he even has more than 0% support.

Trump Leads Biden by Nine Points in New Washington Post/ABC News Poll

Conservative News Digest: Not surprising. Trump is winning back the independents because of Biden's disastrous policies.

US Senator Menendez (D-NJ) Charged with Bribery, Says He Will Not Resign

Conservative News Digest: Perfect timing to compare with the alleged Biden operations.

Afghan Taliban Detain 18, Including American, on Charges of Preaching Christianity

Conservative News Digest: We were told that Biden left things in good hands.

Rep. Dingell (D-Mich.) Says Biden Should Not Intervene in UAW Strike Negotiations

Conservative News Digest: Biden screws everything else up, he would most likely screw up things in Detroit.

Trump Plans to Meet with Striking Autoworkers Instead of Attending Second GOP Debate

Conservative News Digest: This must make Democrats nervous!

Stunning 38% Would Vote Third Party in Trump-Biden Election

Conservative News Digest: That would be a first!

McCarthy SHUTS DOWN AP Reporter Defending Joe Biden's Corruption and Lies, Forces Her to Admit There is Evidence to Support Impeachment Inquiry

Conservative News Digest: The Associated Press lost all respect from many conservatives quite awhile ago. The left still wants to believe their dishonest reporting.

Rep. Tom Emmer Says Gensler "Abused His Authority," Backs Amendment to Limit SEC's Crypto Reach

Conservative News Digest: #FireGaryGensler!

Biden Gets Low Marks on Economy and Major Concerns About His Age As He Looks to Trump Rematch, New Poll Shows

Conservative News Digest: CNBC is probably the only NBC network that would run a story like this.

60+ People Indicted on RICO Over Ties to Protesting of Atlanta Public Safety Training Center

There's no mention as to whether Fani Willis has commented on this issue.

Georgia Lawmakers to Tackle Prosecutorial Conduct in Upcoming Session

Fani Willis is a political hack and deserves a serious review of her conduct.

Biden's Hawaii Response Follows Familiar Pattern: Ignore, Deny, Then Claim He's Done a Great Job

People still remember how unfairly GW Bush was treated after Katrina. Now, that same media ignores Biden's lack of concern for the country's worst wildfire.

Joe Biden's 'Robert Peters' Pseudonym Under Scrutiny as GOP Probes Emails

Just image if a Republican used Pseudonyms while in office, there would be FBI raids. However, when Hillary, Obama and Biden use them, it's no big deal.

Arizona Sen. Furious to Receive Half as Much Migrant Crisis Money as NYC

This is political favoritism at its highest.

Inflation Forcing Americans To Spend $709 More Per Month Than 2 Years Ago: Economist

Joe Biden thinks this is a good thing.

Fox News Poll: Voters Feel Bidenomics Making Things Worse

Biden thinks he can fool the American public by saying things are great. More scam from a scam president.

Rand Paul Asks DC US Attorney to Probe Fauci for Lying to Congress About US-funded COVID Research in Wuhan

This is where the meat is at. Will we find out that the Dems staged a huge distraction to avoid responsibility for Obama administration funding that helped a Wuhan lab create a global pandemic??

Biden's Grand Gift to Putin

He's probably on the take with Putin too.

Amidst Foreign Agent Drama, Memo Reveals $20M to Hunter and Biden Family

You have to wonder how long the old media will ignore this scandal.

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