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Q: What is the capital of Arkansas?

A: Little Rock.

Fed Chair Powell Reveals No Contact With Biden in 2 Years Amid Economic Challenges

Conservative News Digest: How reckless is that???

Experts Decry $20 Billion in Fraudulent Obamacare Claims

Conservative News Digest: There's so much fraud when it comes to federal money. We need smaller government and smaller budgets.

U.S. Economy Adds 206,000 Jobs; April, May Revised Down

Conservative News Digest: Two big things with this story. 1/3 of the jobs created were government. Also, we have been fed a steady diet of inflated jobs reports that quietly get revised downward the next month.

America Now Borrowing a Whopping $5 Billion a Day, as Interest Costs Surpass Defense and Medicare Spending

Conservative News Digest: Democrats are unfazed by this. They are only worried about the next election.

Winklevoss Twins Slam Biden for 'Anti-Crypto' Policies, Endorse Trump as 'Pro-Crypto Choice'

Conservative News Digest: Yep, the Biden Admin with Gensler has been a nightmare for crypto. The bottom line is the left doesn't want to give people freedom. Crypto represents a lot of freedom.

CNN Could Be Forced to Pay Upwards of $1 Billion from Defamation Suit from Tapper Show

Conservative News Digest: It's amazing that this corrupt leftist is still employed by CNN. That proves the network has no shame.

Climate Protesters Arrested Over Spraying Orange Paint Over Stonehenge Monument

Conservative News Digest: That was a very unevironmental move. Such idiots.

Trump Prosecutor Alvin Bragg Attended Fundraiser For Group That Fought To Keep Trump Off Ballot

Conservative News Digest: Another example of Bragg's corruption.

Russia and North Korea Sign Partnership Deal That Includes Mutual Defense Pact, Putin Says

Conservative News Digest: Things are shaping up to be extremely dangerous.

BlackRock, Citadel Securities-Backed TXSE Group to Launch Texas Stock Exchange

Conservative News Digest: Will NYC's radical politics drive out its biggest taxpayers???

U.S. Unemployment Rate Hit 4.0% in May, Highest in Over Two Years

It will be going up as the economy slows.

Trump Raises More than $200 Million in the 3 Days Following His Guilty Verdict

Honest money is stepping up to fight serious corruption in America.

Joe Biden's Administration Gave 'Mass Amnesty' to Illegal Migrants After ICE Official Ordered Termination of 350,000 Asylum Cases as Border Crisis Rages On

This is more treasonous behavior from Biden.

Official US Navy Special Forces Page Draws Backlash for Ringing in Pride Month: 'Navy SEALs Have Gone Woke'

This is unbelievable! This is one of the major reasons the armed services are struggling with recruitments.

Bearded Trans Inmate is Removed from California Women's Prison After 'Raping Female Cellmate'

This is probably one of many similar cases.

Elise Stefanik Demands Investigation into Assignment of Judge Merchan to Trump Case

A serious investigation needs to take place. There is no way that judge should have been on the case.

Long-Time Democrat Manchin Quits Party, Registers as Independent

We could use a few more defections from that poisoned party.

Nearly 100,000 People Pack Wildwood Beach for Donald Trump Rally

Trump is a rock star while Biden is a a plague.

China Dumps $74,000,000,000 in US Treasuries in One Year As Two BRICS Nations Say They’ve Abandoned Dollar in Mutual Trade

Japan is now the largest holder of US debt.

More People See Trump's Presidency As A Success Than Biden's

it's been obvious to some of us for a long time!

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