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Conservative News
(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Carrier Deal is Proof that Trump is Already Making America Great Again

Conservative News Digest: It is possible Trump has already saved more jobs than Obama did in eight years.

Electoral College Members Harassed, Threatened in Last-Ditch Attempt to Block Trump

Conservative News Digest: This is a real story. It really underlines how the Democrats represent a fraudulent party. They don't want a peaceful society. They want political power. Look at how they've orchestrated violence in some of the country's largest cities.

Trump Asks for Media 'Reset,' but Lashes Out at Execs

Conservative News Digest: It's clear, Trump wants an honest press and it is tough when so many of the key players are former employees of elected Democrats. If they're not, their spouses or siblings are.

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A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Conservative News Digest: A great plan--A great pro-American plan.

Could A Radical Israel Basher Soon Head The Democratic Party?

Conservative News Digest: Are the Democrats trying to give Republicans more victories in the future? It is also telling on what kind of people Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are since they support the radical Ellison.

President-Electís Transition Team Code Of Ethical Conduct

Conservative News Digest: Initial act to drain the swamp.

Soros Fuels Anti-Trump Riots

Conservative News Digest: Once again the foreign born leftist is trying to cause chaos in America. The Democrats show their stripes by continuing to work with this anti-American villain.

Report: Most of Arrested Portland Protesters Didn't Vote in Oregon

Conservative News Digest: Most of these people were probably paid by left wing groups to be there or were there to cause trouble.

MRC/YouGov Poll: Most Voters Saw, Rejected News Media Bias

Conservative News Digest: The media operated shamelessly and many weren't fooled.

Greek Police Use Tear Gas, Stun Grenades to Quell Anti-Obama Protesters in Athens

Conservative News Digest: Leftists protest Obama? He must b e feeling like a moderate today.

Where Was Hillary?

Another question is, where is the main stream media covering this story?!?!

Illegal Alien Rapes Young Woman In a Ditch As Border Apprehensions Surge

As Trump noted SOME of the illegal aliens commit crimes besides coming into the country illegally. With the sunset coming on our open border policies, illegals are rushing the border. If they voted for Republicans, they would be vilified by Democrats.

Trump to Bring Back Churchill Statue SHAMEFULLY Removed from White House by Barack Obama

Trump is already mending bridges burned by Obama that were not reported by the mainstream media.

#Calexit: Californians Campaign to Leave the United States After Trump Victory

This could be a good thing for America. Cali has some great resources. However, good people have been exiting that state for 20 years because of its direction.

Trump Wins Presidency, Defeats Clinton in Historic Election Upset

Trump says he wants to be the Prez for all American people, including the forgotten ones. Vows to reach out to minority communities.

Sources Say 99 Percent Chance Foreign Intel Agencies Breached Clinton Server

Where is the mainstream media coverage of this?

FBI Releases Documents on Probe of Marc Rich Pardon

Can America handle more Clinton scandals? This pardon was the most controversial in recent history. The optics of pay-for-play sure are strong.

Law Firm 'Bonuses' Tied to Political Donations

This is the way a lot of politics for Democrats gets funded.

Former Clinton Pollster Doug Schoen Withdraws Support for Hillary Over Renewed FBI Investigation

Just proves that there are a few Democrats out there with principles.

FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe

Between the Clintons, McAuliffe, and the Clinton Foundation, there should be enough evidence to at least drain part of the swamp.

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