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Q: What is NJ's state tree?

A: The Red Oak.

Intel Chief Stonewalls Congress on Biden and Trump Documents

Conservative News Digest: The American people at least need to know what the general topics were in the hoarded documents. Biden is obviously uncomfortable about what they would reveal.

Tracking Hunter Biden's Aid to Other Dissolute Bidens

Conservative News Digest: Unbridled arrogance.

Marine Corps Recruiters Trying To Get Members Booted Over The COVID Vaccine Mandate To Rejoin, Texts Show

Conservative News Digest: Just one small area of the devastation that the Biden Administration has caused to the US military. We are sure China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are watching.

Matt Gaetz Has the Perfect Legislation to Deal With Adam Schiff

Conservative News Digest: Adam Schiff represents everything wrong with Washington. He used his position to lie to the public and raise funds on his lies.

Illegal Border Crossings to US from Mexico Hit Annual High

Conservative News Digest: And, Biden says there are more important things to do than go see for himself.

Household Wealth Dropped by $13.5 Trillion from January to September, Second-Worst Destruction on Record

Conservative News Digest: Thanks Joe. Yeah, things are going great (if you get paid by a government).

Twitter Suppressed Prominent Right-Wing, Anti-Lockdown Users, Documents Show

Conservative News Digest: It's also great to hear conservative talk radio hosts play interviews of the former Twitter leaders claiming they weren't doing any of the activities now being reported.

Democrats Join Republicans in Move to Repeal Military's Vaccine Mandate

Conservative News Digest: Kudos to the Republicans in Congress. People who got the vaccine two years ago can join the military but someone who had Covid two months ago (and would be deemed much more protected) can't. Typical government policy that makes no sense.

The Other Corruption the Twitter Files Expose

Conservative News Digest: Ron Johnson does great work. He's a hard-working, honest man.

Boom! Revealed: FBI Meddled in Election, Warned Twitter on Hunter Laptop in 'Weekly' Meeting

Conservative News Digest: Democracy under attack by the left.

Six Degrees from James Baker: A Familiar Figure Reemerges With the Release of the Twitter Files

The American hating left has no shame. They will do anything to gain power.

Chinese Operatives Ran A Massive TikTok Campaign To Help Dems In The Midterm Elections

They probably used Apple devices to do their dirty work too!

NewsBusters.Org Reports: Georgia Run-Off: Walker 88% Negative News, 71% POSITIVE for Warnock

It was disgusting to watch a recent CBS story on the Georgia Senate race. It was talking about the wind down of the runoff election. Then it meandered into fresh, unverified scandals against Walker. Once again proving that the old corrupt media like CBS has no problem reporting unsubstantiated claims agains Republicans but will always use the "unfit because it can't be verified" excuse when it comes down to real scandals for the Democrats.

NewsBusters.Org Reports: Broadcast Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) Bury FTX CEO's Massive Donations to Dems

Geez. What a surprise??? It's not even worth watching those partisan corrupt networks.

Biden Spokesman Pressed on Apple-China, Musk-Twitter Disparate Treatment as Biden Muted on Protests

Consumers need to know about China's assistance to the CCP. The public needs to know how the Biden Administration is treating Twitter as an enemy and looks the other way when Apple assists the Chinese government. Once again, you have to wonder whose side Biden and the Dems are on!

'Huge Problem': Migrants Abandoning Hundreds of Dogs at the Southern Border

Another untold story about the problems created by Biden's inhumane border policy.

SBF Better At 'Bribing Media' Than Running FTX: Elon Musk

SBF proved that the Dems and many in the media are for sale.

Visiting Texas Border, Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to Resign

If McCarthy and the Republicans succeed in making the border secure, we can all expect feckless Biden to take credit.

Rep. Comer: 'Joe Biden Lied to the American People About His Involvement in His Family's Business Schemes'

It seems the left is onboard with Biden investigations now that the mid-term elections are over. It's the furthest point from the next election and gives them time to replace old man Joe too!

CBS Mocked for Hunter Biden Laptop Report Two Years After The Post Broke Story

CBS is once again exposed as a corrupt, electioneering fraud.

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