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Q: Which Union general won a major battle in Vicksburg?

A: Ulysses S. Grant.

Rep. James Comer: Bidens, China May Have Had 11 Additional Deals

Conservative News Digest: The Biden team must be working overtime to slow down this scandal.

CNN Crew Robbed While Reporting on Woke City's Rampant Crime

Conservative News Digest: Maybe the CNN reporter should classify it as a mostly peaceful city instead stating the crime is ridiculous.

'Six Smoking Guns': Why Doctor-Turned-US-Senator Believes COVID-19 came from Wuhan Lab

Conservative News Digest: The bottom line, Democrats don't follow the science. The are only motivated by power.

The Vindictive Prosecution of Donald Trump is Based in Democrats' Hatred of His Supporters

Conservative News Digest: Clear and simple, Democrats are America's largest hate group.

Jan 6 Footage Released by Tucker Carlson Shows a Different Side to the U.S. Capitol Riot

Conservative News Digest: Newly released footage shows that Democrats grossly misrepresented the events of the day.

U.S. Arms Left in Afghanistan are Turning Up in a Different Conflict

Conservative News Digest: Biden arms our enemies.

COVID-19 Most Likely Leaked from Wuhan Lab, Says US Energy Department

Conservative News Digest: Trump knew this early on. The Democrats and many in the media tried to call him racists for stating the facts. The question is, what side are Trump's opponents on? China's or America's?

No, Trump's Deregulation Didn't Cause the East Palestine Train Disaster

Conservative News Digest: Democrats can't be honest about anything. They don't care about the People of East Palestine. If they did, they wouldn't be lying about the causes in attemps to cover for their mismanagement. The Biden Administration assaults the country every day with more fraud.

Putin Announces Russian Withdrawal From New START Nuclear Treaty

Conservative News Digest: More unraveling of the country and the world under Biden and his cast of idiots.

East Palestine Mayor Slams Biden for Kyiv Visit as 'Slap in the Face'

Conservative News Digest: It's especially outrageous because he did it on Presidents Day.

Joe Biden Mocked for Shooting Down Potential $12 Hobby Balloon

What a goof! Biden, Blinken, Austin and Kirby are the poster children of incompetence.

Saudi Arabia Is Eager to Join SCO, BRICS

Biden is alienating key strategic allies. If the Saudis warm up to Russia and China, the next step will to revise its policy of accepting other currencies than the US Dollars for oil. For decades, this arrangement has bolstered the Dollar globally and helped it be the global currency. Losing this status can cause a lot of headaches to the US.

Buttigieg Slammed for Ignoring Ohio Train Derailment That Spewed Clouds of Toxic Chemicals

The only things the Biden Admin knows how to do are lie to the people and play identity politics.

Paul Fitzpatrick: 1792 Project Creates 'Corporate Bias Ratings' to Rate Companies' Wokeness

It's about time someone did this!

Biden's IRS plans to Crack Down on Waiters' Tips

They're soft selling it now but most of us know incrementalism when we see it.

Rep. Nancy Mace Grills Twitter Employees: What Qualifies You To Censor Medical Information?

Great video that exposes the corrupt tactics that Twitter employees used to suppress data on COVID.

Lawmakers Press Twitter Execs on FBI's Role in Censoring Hunter Biden Story

After watching the hearing, it is clear that former employees are deranged.

Crimes Against Reality -- Biden SOTU

It's not even worth watching Biden's State of the Union speeches. The guy can't tell the truth.

Biden Knew China Spy Balloon was In US Airspace for Nearly a WEEK but Kept It Secret - Fearing Blinken's Planned Meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing Would be Derailed

More lies spewed from the idiot and more bumbling foreign relations.

Six Lies Biden Will Tell In his State of the Union

Only six is being nice to Biden.

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