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Conservative News
(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Trump Proven Right? Sweden Reels As Migrant Riots Break Out Monday Night

Conservative News Digest: In the meantime,Trump's detractors will find ways to attack him.

North Dakota Gov Burgum: DAPL Protest Camp is 'Ecological Mess', State May Sue to Recover Costs

Conservative News Digest: Yet another example about what idiots and hypocrites leftists are. They really don't care about the environment. They just like being troublemakers and getting on the news.

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Had Run Through February 6

Conservative News Digest: Since Feb 6, they have continued to pump out fake news.

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Trump's Brilliant Choice of McMaster

Conservative News Digest: Looks like the new adviser gets universal approval.

Sweden 'Covering Up' Migrant Rape and Violent Crime for the Sake of 'Humanitarianism'

Conservative News Digest: The Swedish government hides numbers and the mainstream media ignores it. But then, the media has the nerve to challenge Trump's veracity.

Trump Schools Dishonest Media in Freewheeling Press Conference

Conservative News Digest: Way to go Trump! This was the best presser ever!

US Govt Agency Manipulated Data to Exaggerate Climate Change Whistleblower

Conservative News Digest: Another example of the liars being exposed.

Piers Morgan: Some in MSM 'Absolutely' Trying to Bring Trump Down, Some At CNN Were 'Determined' to Make Him Lose

Conservative News Digest: Not surprising when you see so many of them have links to the Obama and Clinton administrations or other left-wing organizations.

CONFUSION: Maxine Waters claims Putin 'continuing to advance into Korea'

Conservative News Digest: It is time for Representative Waters to retired. Or, at least go to a geography class.

Migrants ARE to Blame for Most Serious Crimes in Sweden, Police Officer Blasts in Rant

Conservative News Digest: Maybe a temporary immigrant ban would be justified.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Accuses Activists of Jeopardizing Protest of Dakota Access Pipeline

The ironic thing with the freak show activists is that they are creating their own environmental disaster with their litter and other waste!

Trump's Immigration Order: Myths and Realities

It is good to look at things objectively in order to unveil the left's hypocrisy. It should also be noted that the radical bunch of miscreants who are staging protests at airports are probably causing a bigger inconvenience to travelers.

DNC Chair Candidate Says Her Job is To 'Shut Other White People Down'

Sounds like today's typical hate-filled Democrat.

George Soros Donated $90 Million to Groups Behind DC Women's March

They are trying to call themselves the Tea Party of the left. The problem with that is that Tea Partiers paid their own way to go to rallies.

US Quietly Sent $221M to Palestinians in Obama's Last Hours

It is good that the corrupt Obama years are over.

'The Real Barack Obama': Ben Stein Slams Decision to Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentence

Caving in to the LGBT community. Politics at its worst.

Trump: CNN in 'Total Meltdown with Their FAKE NEWS'

Way to screw up CNN. Although it hasn't had credibility with many for a long time.

Billionaire George Soros Reportedly Lost Nearly $1 Billion During Trump Rally

Way to rub salt in the wound!

Mexican Official: Immigrants Are Flocking To Chicago Before Trump's Inauguration Because It's A 'Sanctuary City'

The city has had to shut down schools, has the highest homicide totals and now can count on a plethora of illegal aliens to deal with. Chi-town folks must be awefully proud of Rahm.

Chided by Trump, Ford Scraps Mexico factory, Adds Michigan Jobs

It is impressive what even a president-elect can accomplish when he is concerned about the American people. Just wait until he's actually prez!

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