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Q: What is Maine's nickname?

A: The Pine Tree State.

FDA Takes Down Controversial Ivermectin Posts After Settlement

Conservative News Digest: So many Biden agencies want more power while constantly being exposed for overreaching their existing power.

NPR Under New Scrutiny After Longtime Employee Reveals Its Left-Wing Activist Mission

Conservative News Digest: More abuse of taxpayer money.

Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake, Audit Reveals

Conservative News Digest: Another sham by a relentlessly lying president.

Trump Favorability Among Latinos Rising as Biden's Falls: Survey

Conservative News Digest: Despite Biden's intentionally misleading job numbers, those who participate in the economy everyday know that it is struggling. When Trump was prez, everything was red hot. That is definitely not the case under Biden.

Ex-Ethereum Adviser Sues US Govt For $9.6B Over Personal Damages - Says Government Made False Accusations Against Him

Conservative News Digest: It's great to fight back against injustice dealt by the rogue Biden government. However, it would be nice if the individual actors would be held financially accountable too instead of the taxpayers.

'We Lost America's Trust': NPR Veteran Says Network Has 'Lost Its Way'

Conservative News Digest: Many of us can relate. While we like some of the shows, so many are so skewed towards the left it's like a mellow version of MSNBC.

Shocking U.S. Labor Report with 303,000 Jobs Added Is NOT What You Think

Conservative News Digest: Here are some key takeaways. In the last four months the US has lost 1.8 million full-time jobs. There were 6,000 fewer full-time workers from last month. 112,000 of the new jobs were to foreign born people which includes illegal aliens. 154.3K of the jobs were in healthcare/social assistance and government. 71K of that is just government jobs! This White House frequently overestimates jobs. It was just last month that they quietly revised their numbers downward by 167,000 jobs for December and January.

RFK Jr. Says Biden 'Absolutely' Poses Worse Threat to Democracy Than Trump

Conservative News Digest: RFK Jr knows first hand how Biden and the Dems weaponize the government against political opponents.

Trump Attends Wake of Slain NYPD Officer as Biden Attends 'Glitzy' NY Fundraiser

Conservative News Digest: Talk about bad optics for Biden, Obama and Clinton. However, don't expect to hear about them on the dinosaur media.

US Has Urged Ukraine to Halt Strikes on Russian Energy Infrastructure, FT Reports

Conservative News Digest: The sad thing is that the Biden Admin is urging in the best interest of its election chances because they are worried that high oil and gas prices will hurt them in the polls.

STUDY: PBS 'Washington Week' Journalist Roundtable Routinely Hates Republicans

Not sure if anyone event watches that crap anymore. PBS has really fallen over the last couple of decades.

Over 100 Migrants Break Through Razor Wire, Knock Down Guards as They Illegally Cross El Paso Border in Wild Scene

More American victims because of Biden and the Democrats.

DeSantis Announces First Rescue Flight to Bring Floridians Back from Haiti

Once again a Republican governor is helping Americans who are being failed by the Biden Administration.

EMBARRASSING: AOC Claims RICO is Not a Crime When Questioning Bobulinski About Joe Biden's Crimes

What a dingbat!

Business Associates Testify Biden Lied About His Involvement In the Family's Deals

It was disgraceful to watch Democrat congressmen try to play interference in protection of the criminal behavior of Biden.

NY Times, WashPost, and Wall St. Journal Have NO Hunter Story in the Paper

Media blackouts on important hearings are inexcusable.

House Holds Public Hearing on Biden Family 'Influence Peddling' with Ex-Hunter Biden Associates

Sickeningly, the dinosaur media is ignoring this hearing.

'Give Planet Fitness The Bud Light Treatment' -- Calls Grow To Boycott Gym After String Of Sexual Abuse From Men In Women's Bathrooms

It's a free market. If Planet Fitness wants to allow men to share showers with girls, let the people vote with their money by going to a different gym that respects women and girls.

Kevin O'Leary Says NY Attorney General Letitia James' Threat To Seize Trump's Assets Is 'An Attack' On America

It should be stated that anyone who agrees with what the Democrats in power are doing Trump are anti-American. Whether or not you like Trump, he's still protected under the constitution. Democrats tell us they want more power while showing how abusive they are with the power they have.

Younger People Prefer Donald Trump to Joe Biden, Poll Shows

Time to turn campuses back into rational places!

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