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Conservative News
(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

WikiLeaks: Bill Clinton's Top Aide on Foundation Conflicts of Interests: I Could Name '500 Different Examples'

Conservative News Digest: How many people know about these stories? Not enough...thanks mainstream media.

WOW! NEW VIDEO BLOWS UP CORRUPTION Between Obama, Democratic Operative, Hillary Campaign 'Consultant' Bob Creamer

Conservative News Digest: It is criminal that the mainstream media isn't covering this story.

Accountability for ObamaCare

Conservative News Digest: Hopefully voters will right the course on the largest government takeover of a private industry.

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Hillary Clinton, The Podesta Group And The Saudi Regime: A Fatal Menage A Trois

Conservative News Digest: Another story ignored by ABC, NBC and CBS. However, we'll probably hear those biased outlets talk about it after the election.

Obamacare Premiums to Rise by Double-Digit Percentages for Millions

Conservative News Digest: 25% is bad enough, Arizona is looking at an increase of 116%.

Concern Grows Over Soros-Linked Voting Machines

Conservative News Digest: Rigged election?

Trump, Clinton In Dead Heat As Race Hits Final Two-Week Stretch ó IBD/TIPP Poll

Conservative News Digest: While ABC, NBC and CBS work overtime to try to rig the election for Clinton, a more honest poll shows a tied race.

Journalists Shower Hillary Clinton with Campaign Cash - Far Fewer Making Contributions to Donald Trump, Analysis Shows

Conservative News Digest: Not a surprise because so many of the mainstream media worked for Democrats at one time or have siblings or spouses who work for Dems.

U.S. State Dept Official 'Pressured' FBI to Declassify Clinton Email: FBI Documents

Conservative News Digest: This is an important story but the mainstream media will most likely ignore it.

FBI Source: Majority Of Staff On Clinton Case Wanted Her Prosecuted

Conservative News Digest: Talk radio had this information a long time ago. However, the mainstream media ignores it.

Clinton Campaign Mocks Catholics, Southerners, 'Needy Latinos' in Emails

What happened to that 'stronger together' theme?

New York City Elections Official Caught On Video: 'There Is A Lot Of Voter Fraud,' 'They Bus People Around'

Let's see them wiggle their fraudulent behinds out of this one. Demands Clintonís Anti-Catholic Spokeswoman Resign

Now we know how things go in Clinton's camp; if you're Catholic or evangelical, you're dirt but if you're Muslim you are to be given praise no matter what your thoughts are. That must be why the father of the Orlando terrorist was seen at a Clinton rally.

Bill Clinton Slams ObamaCare: 'Itís the Craziest Thing in the World'

Whoops...he fell off the talking points!

How Mike Pence Won the Debate

Pence was an obvious winner. He looked like the adult in the room while Kaine looked like a hyper-puppy anxious to throw out canned lines and incorrect data.

Only US Citizens Vote in US Elections. Never Mind the Cascade Mall Shooter, Who Voted 3 Times

This underlines the fact that Democrats don't care about anything but their own power.

ICE Union Endorses Trump

Reports say that Hillary only got five percent of the vote. That should send a pretty clear message.

Rudolph Giuliani: Trump is Right About 'Stop and Frisk.' Lester Holt Should Apologize

Another blunder by a moderator trying to fact check on the fly. He obviously had his already orders to be tough on Trump and light on Clinton. Maybe one day there can be a presidential debate that is actually fair to the Republican.

DHS Granted Citizenship to Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants from Terrorist Countries

It is time for a change. The US cannot handle any more incompetence.

Why the Clinton Foundation is One Gigantic Scam

Disturbing that the media isn't covering these numbers.

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