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Q: What does Iowa mean?

A: It's Sioux for beautiful land.

CBS Seizes Confidential Files of Fired Reporter Pursuing Hunter Biden Laptop Story in 'Unprecedented' Move

Conservative News Digest: More proof of the media being in bed with the leftists in the country.

Putin Says Russia Prefers Biden Over Trump in U.S. Election

Conservative News Digest: He's not admitting it but he knows Biden is afraid of escalating conflict.

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Slams 'Mega Loser State' New York Over $355M Trump Verdict and Says It Will Drive Businesses Out of the State

Conservative News Digest: The radical leftists running the state don't care about the fallout. They've got their government jobs and pensions. They never care about anyone but themselves.

Missing Binder at Center of New Claim that CIA Drummed Up Spy Operation on Trump's 2016 Campaign

Conservative News Digest: Obama and Brennan should face criminal charges. This is so un-American.

Biden Warned Putin In 2021 of 'Devastating' Consequences If Alexei Navalny Died In Prison

Conservative News Digest: We'll see if Mr. Big Talker lives up to his word. So far he thinks he doesn't want to do anything.

(Pro-Crypto Attorney) John Deaton is Considering Running Against Senator Elizabeth Warren

Conservative News Digest: That would be good; a pro-crypto person against an entrenched corrupt, big-government hack.

Trump-Loving Truckers Refusing to Drive to NYC After His $355 Million Fraud Ruling

Conservative News Digest: Time to boycott New York in support of Daniel Penny and Trump.

CIA and Foreign Intelligence Agencies Illegally Targeted 26 Trump Associates Before 2016 Russia Collusion Claims

Conservative News Digest: This is SOOO illegal!

Elise Stefanik Demands Letitia James Disbarment for 'Lawfare Campaign' Against Donald Trump

Conservative News Digest: Go Stefanik! Abuse of power is one of the worst acts a public official can do.

Biden Met with Chairman of Chinese Energy Firm Hunter did Business with in 2017, Ex-Associate Testifies

Conservative News Digest: How much more evidence is needed for some lefties to start believing Biden is corrupt.

Special Counsel Report States Biden Is an 'Elderly Man with a Poor Memory'

The Dems must be planning a change of candidates at this point.

IRS Contractor Who Stole and Leaked Trump Tax Records Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

What's up Booz Allen and its employees???

Starbucks Fires Barista Working through Paramedic School Who Heroically Subdued Robbers After Getting Pistol-Whipped

We hear too many of these stories and society pays the prices because corporate policies embolden criminals.

'Go Back To China': Pelosi Yells As Protesters Descend On Mansion

Seems to me that if a Republican said this that the corrupt media would be running stories on racist language.

Family to Sue Biden Admin for $100 Million Over Death of Woman Killed by Illegal Immigrant

Unfortunately, the Biden administration won't care if they lose because it'll taxpayer money paying any damages.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: Trump Was Right About Key Issues and Bashing MAGA Will Hurt Biden

He shouldn't be giving rational advice to the unhinged left.

Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks For Private Transactions For Terms With 'MAGA,' 'Trump'

These leftists were the same ones complaining about the Patriot Act.

'That's A Stupid Question': John Kerry Snaps At Reporter Asking Him About His 'Carbon Footprint' At Davos

Kerry continues to be a two-faced scoundrel just like the way he ran for president in 2004.

Ramaswamy Suspends 2024 Bid, Endorses Trump

No big surprise there.

Among Registered Voters, Trump Tops Biden in Nevada by 11 Points; Georgia by 7; Arizona by 5; Pennsylvania by 4; Michigan by 3; Biden Up in Wisconsin by 3 Points

What's wrong with Wisconsnin???

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