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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Obama Keeps Playing Golf While Louisiana Floods—Where’s the Media Outrage?

Conservative News Digest: Unprecedented flooding while Obama golfs and attends Hillary Clinton fundraisers in Martha's Vineyard. A great article showing how bad the media bias is.

House Probe: Central Command Reports Skewed Intel on ISIS Fight

Conservative News Digest: Too bad all of the Washington press corps will in-large ignore this because they want to protect Obama and Hillary.

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide Alerted On Email Inquiry

Conservative News Digest: One has to ask why the incomplete responses and delays if the emails were just about weeding plans or yoga. Okay, you don't have to wonder, you can just infer based on past performance.

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Newly Released Emails Highlight Clinton Foundation’s Ties to State Department

Conservative News Digest: The thought that anyone would consider voting for Hillary can make any honest person ill.

Father of Orlando Shooter Attends Clinton Rally, Touts Candidate

Conservative News Digest: Will the media challenge Hillary on his presence? Doubtful.

Giuliani: Clinton Refusal to Seek Police Endorsement Shows Dems as 'Anti-Law Enforcement Party'

Conservative News Digest: He's just saying what most of us know already.

Heads Roll at DNC: 3 Top Officials Out After Email Hack

Conservative News Digest: If the party had any ethics, more than three people would be gone.

Convention Chaos Already: DNC Chair Out, Protesters Storm Philly

Conservative News Digest: As the the Dems are being outed by Wikileaks, Bernie protesters are showing outrage.

WikiLeaks: Democratic Party Officials Appear to Discuss Using Sanders's Faith Against Him

Conservative News Digest: They are lucky they are not Republicans because, if they were, the corrupt media would be doing non-stop coverage on this story.

After Trump’s RNC Speech, Hillary and Her Party Should be Running Scared

Conservative News Digest: Trump was inclusive and forceful. Whether or not people agreed with everything he said, there was something for everyone in his speech. Additionally, Americans saw a leader with a spine unlike the wimp who has occupied the White House for the last seven years.

Ivanka Deems Trump "The People's Nominee"

A great lead-up to a great populist speech from her father.

Cleveland Police: Protester Lights Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn American Flag

This sums up the intelligence of the average anti-American leftist. The loser got what he deserved.

Black Lives Matter is 'Inherently Racist' Says Rudy Giuliani Who Suggests Black Parents 'Teach Your Children to be Respectful to the Police'

While the main stream media wants to claim BLM protests are 'mainly peaceful', they are ignoring the fact that when the participants throw rocks, concrete and bottles at police they are anything but peaceful. Also, when they block freeways, they are assaulting innocent people. In the end, the effect of BLM produces more black deaths and divides the nation.

Authorities: UK Man Arrested at Rally Planned to Kill Trump

Ever notice that the vast majority of all of the people who try to use guns to kill others either support Democrats or hate Republicans or both? Hillary should answer for stirring the pot of hatred against Trump.

President Obama's Altered Reality

Whose side is Obama on? The US's or its enemies. Why sanitize transcripts unless you are trying to protect the terrorist who killed 49 people?

Outside Bernie's Diner, Sanders Supporters Slam Associated Press

It is obvious that the Associated Press had a goal of sinking Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign by claiming Hillary was the victor before the California primary. It was a classic act of voter suppression through the media. It also underlined the fact that many in the maistream media want Hillary to be prez and they'll throw out any journalistic ethics in order to help achieve that mission.

BuzzFeed Calls Off Ad Deal With RNC Over Donald Trump

Typical liberal hypocrisy...At least it has come out as a biased left-wing outlet. It'll be nice to see its reporters denied access to important newsworthy events.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Under Investigation by DOJ Over Possible Illegal Campaign Contributions

One can assume that his recent move to allow felons to vote was an attempt to preserve his voting ability.

Don’t Start a Fire in Asia, China Warns Obama after Vietnam Arms Deal

Yet another move by Obama to suck up to enemies. There are too many open wounds from Vietnam to start providing them with arms.

Reagan Daughter to Will Ferrell: My Dad's Alzheimer's Not Comedy Material

Sick...Making a movie that makes fun about such a tough disease is the purest form of hate. What could even be worse is that the Hollywood community let this project move forward.

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