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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

NEW: Criminal Referral Confirms Nunes Memo’s Explosive Claims Of FISA Abuse

Conservative News Digest: There are many ties between Obama era government officials, Russian intelligence and the Clinton campaign. This warrants a special counsel.

New Texts Between FBI’s Strzok, Page Show Obama Wanted Updates on Clinton Investigation

Conservative News Digest: It is about time to start bringing Obama into the scandal.

FISA Memo: Wife of DOJ Official Paid by Fusion GPS to Help Create 'Trump Dossier'

Conservative News Digest: This is a very troubling piece of information. However, it comes as no surprise. Drain the swamp!

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California History Teacher Slams Military as 'Lowest of Our Low,' 'Dumbs**ts' in Viral Rant

Conservative News Digest: It is horrible that many students in the US have to put up with this anti-American crap.

Ron Johnson: An 'informant' told me about anti-Trump FBI 'secret society' meetings

Conservative News Digest: This is just the beginning of Trump and honest Republicans exposing the Swamp.

Democrats Would Rather Protect 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Than Pay America's Active Duty Military

Conservative News Digest: They think they are fooling the public. However, just days before the shutdown began, headlines looked like this, "Democrats Probably Won't Force A Shutdown Over DACA."

The Republicans can't let the public get hoodwinked. The fact is, Dems care about their power and don't give two rips about the country.

On 'Rocket Fuel': Economy Roars to Life During Trump's First Year

Conservative News Digest: Yeah, many wish the guy would dial back on some of the Tweets. However, the guy is doing great on the economy. It is great having someone back in power who can do basic math.

The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News AwardsThe Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards

Conservative News Digest: Trump is exposing the corrupt media. It is important to note that many of the people in the organizations that won awards either worked for Democrats or have siblings or spouses who have worked for Democrats. Media folks get outraged at these awards because they think criticism is a one way street. The truth is that many media people are thin-skinned, egomaniacs and they can't handle the truth.

Joe Biden's History of Culturally Insensitive Comments

Conservative News Digest: Where was the outrage from Democrats when Biden made some of these statements?

Trump Celebrates Toyota-Mazda Decision to Pick Alabama

Conservative News Digest: Making America great again!

Trump Deserves 'Big Credit' for Sparking North Korea Talks, South Korea's President Says

Some may not like his style, but at least he's not a paper tiger like Obama. Trump is winning for America.

STAR PARKER: Trump Can Take Credit for Black Unemployment Drop

It is almost comical to hear Democrats try to say that Trump inherited all of the 'good' things Obama did. The truth is that the American economy was ready to start moving forward as soon as Obama's boot was removed off the throat of the economy. For years, American business leaders were waiting for a leader who was on their side. Once a pro-business President was elected, they let loose. In addition, Trump went out of his way to bring new businesses into the country or have others come back. These items plus more positive actions by Trump are helping many, especially those who need work.

The Trump Success Story: Year One

What a great year! The economy is booming, stock market is up over 5000 points, ISIS is being destroyed, Russia is leaving Syria, and the Swamp is under attack. The illegitimate media won't report these things nor will it report that blue collar wages are up and black unemployment is noticeably down.

Surprise: NYT and WaPo Totally Ignore FBI Agents' Anti-Trump 'Insurance Policy' Texts

The more we learn of the swamp, the more disgusting it gets. The swamp is the Democratic Party, Washington bureaucrats and the mainstream (illegitimate) media.

The Secret Backstory of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off the Hook

What a patriot...get more drugs into the country and give the enemy the ability to develop nuclear weapons.

FBI Agent Peter Strzok's Texts with Lisa Page Disparage Trump Throughout Campaign

Notes from the swamp. This issue is so bad we can even use an article from CBS! This just underlines the need to investigate Mueller's corrupt investigation and relook at Hillary Clinton's email server.

Washington Post Reporter Apologizes for 'Bad Tweet' After Trump Calls Him Out

How can you trust anything for Wapo after you see this???

Times CNN Botched The News In 2017

Nice summary of the fake news leader.

Ron Johnson Demands FBI Turn Over Anti-Trump Messages Peter Strzok Sent FBI Lawyer

It is good to see Johnson going after the swamp. Just don't expect the swamp supporters in the media to help him out.

DOJ to Hand Over Official's Anti-Trump Texts, Amid Contempt Threat

We'll just have to wait and see if anything goes missing like thousands of emails on HRC's server.

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