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USA Trivia

Q: Who was the first Catholic president?

A: John Kennedy.

Elon Musk: I See People Who Care About Looking Good While Doing Evil, F*** Them

Conservative News Digest: You go!!! Call them evil bastard frauds out!

Deadspin Brings New Level of Shame On Itself by Doubling Down On 'Blackface' Lie About A Little Boy

Conservative News Digest: If Deadspin has any integrity, it will fire Phillips. There's no excuse for trying to harm a little boy.

CIA Analysts Were 'Bribed to Change Position' on COVID-19 Origins as Fauci Led 'Orchestrated' Effort to Undermine Lab-Leak Origin Theory

Conservative News Digest: Fauci could be a mass murderer. This is proof to never believe Democrats. Additionally, wasn't it the Obama admin that approved the funding and Trump cut it off?

Biden's Education Secretary Misquotes Famous Ronald Reagan Utterance: 'Terrifying'

Conservative News Digest: This is par for the Biden Administration. They don't get anything right.

Trump Leads Biden, Builds Support Among Young Voters: Poll

Conservative News Digest: We'll see if Biden ends up being the candidate.

NY Times Says School COVID Closures May Be 'Most Damaging Disruption' to Kidsí Education in US History

Conservative News Digest: The "experts" should have listened to the outraged mothers but couldn't let common sense override their arrogance.

Migrant Crisis has US Taxpayers on the Hook for Up to $451B, House GOP Report Says

Conservative News Digest: Maybe we should take $451B out of social spending to balance things and see how Democrat voters like that.

Outrage as San Francisco Boots Vagrants Off Streets Ahead of Xi Jinping Visit - as California Governor Gavin Newsom Admits Woke City Was Only Given Polish to Impress World Leaders

Conservative News Digest: More Democrat shams.

FBI Accused of Targeting Trump Types; Agents Who Served in Military Deemed 'Disloyal'

Conservative News Digest: We need a Republican prez to clean house at there and rebuild the FBI's credibility.

Biden Admin Extends Sanctions Waiver Freeing Up $10 Billion For Iran

Conservative News Digest: Who's side is he on!?!?!

Republicans Raise Alarms Over Alleged DOJ Spying on Congress

Clean that swamp!

Joe Biden Got $40K from Bro James in 'Laundered' China Funds: Comer

Let's see, Joe Biden will say it's a loan payment like the last $200,000 payment that Comer discovered.

Jewish Schools to Colleges: Don't Recruit Our Students Unless You Can Guarantee Their Safety

Left-wing university administrators are torn on how to deal with this. In the end, they just want the most tuition money they can collect.

Arab American Support for Biden, Democrats Plummets Over Israel, Poll Shows

This has to be driving the power-obessed Dems crazy when looking at 2024.

DHS Secretary Says He Hasnít Fired Hamas-Supporting Asylum Agent and It's 'Despicable' To Ask About It

This says a lot about who is in the administration.

Jean-Pierre Refuses to Call Anti-Israel Protestors 'Extremists' Despite Fear Among Jewish Students

Yet, this administration thinks it's okay to call a dad protecting his kid at a pro-life demonstration is a domestic terrorist.

Tlaib's Father Calls Her a Scam

Detroit talkshow host says Tlaib's father called him to say she's a scam. Looks like she's also a tax evader. The bottom line is that she's another two-faced leftist.

North Korea Accused of Sending Rockets to Hamas

There could be weapons that Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan being used by Hamas too.

Biden's Brother Paid Him $200K While Seeking Mideast Investor for Hospital Firm

Yeah, right, loan payment. Convenient timing.

'It Smells of Death Here': Surveying the Atrocities Committed by Hamas in Kfar Aza

Radical leftists in America support this.

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