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Conservative News
(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Only US Citizens Vote in US Elections. Never Mind the Cascade Mall Shooter, Who Voted 3 Times

Conservative News Digest: This underlines the fact that Democrats don't care about anything but their own power.

ICE Union Endorses Trump

Conservative News Digest: Reports say that Hillary only got five percent of the vote. That should send a pretty clear message.

Rudolph Giuliani: Trump is Right About 'Stop and Frisk.' Lester Holt Should Apologize

Conservative News Digest: Another blunder by a moderator trying to fact check on the fly. He obviously had his already orders to be tough on Trump and light on Clinton. Maybe one day there can be a presidential debate that is actually fair to the Republican.

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DHS Granted Citizenship to Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants from Terrorist Countries

Conservative News Digest: It is time for a change. The US cannot handle any more incompetence.

Why the Clinton Foundation is One Gigantic Scam

Conservative News Digest: Disturbing that the media isn't covering these numbers.

The Bashing of Matt Lauer: Why Many of the Attacks are Driven by Partisanship

Conservative News Digest: Of course the liberals are upset. Their candidate was finally given tough questions. When we all admit that leftists are selfish, immoral, thin-skinned, mentally unstable people, we will all understand their baseless claims.

North Korea Claims Successful Test of Nuclear Warhead

Conservative News Digest: The action was condemned by many, even Obama. I bet that scared them.

Transcript: Donald Trump's Full Immigration Speech, Annotated

Conservative News Digest: Detailed and comprehensive plan.

FBI Recovered 30 New Clinton Emails Related to Benghazi, State Department Says

Conservative News Digest: More dirt on Clinton. This is after it was revealed that her team used BleachBit to scrub her server and the FBI found an additional 14,900 emails not previously disclosed.

Obama Keeps Playing Golf While Louisiana Floods—Where’s the Media Outrage?

Conservative News Digest: Unprecedented flooding while Obama golfs and attends Hillary Clinton fundraisers in Martha's Vineyard. A great article showing how bad the media bias is.

House Probe: Central Command Reports Skewed Intel on ISIS Fight

Too bad all of the Washington press corps will in-large ignore this because they want to protect Obama and Hillary.

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide Alerted On Email Inquiry

One has to ask why the incomplete responses and delays if the emails were just about weeding plans or yoga. Okay, you don't have to wonder, you can just infer based on past performance.

Newly Released Emails Highlight Clinton Foundation’s Ties to State Department

The thought that anyone would consider voting for Hillary can make any honest person ill.

Father of Orlando Shooter Attends Clinton Rally, Touts Candidate

Will the media challenge Hillary on his presence? Doubtful.

Giuliani: Clinton Refusal to Seek Police Endorsement Shows Dems as 'Anti-Law Enforcement Party'

He's just saying what most of us know already.

Heads Roll at DNC: 3 Top Officials Out After Email Hack

If the party had any ethics, more than three people would be gone.

Convention Chaos Already: DNC Chair Out, Protesters Storm Philly

As the the Dems are being outed by Wikileaks, Bernie protesters are showing outrage.

WikiLeaks: Democratic Party Officials Appear to Discuss Using Sanders's Faith Against Him

They are lucky they are not Republicans because, if they were, the corrupt media would be doing non-stop coverage on this story.

After Trump’s RNC Speech, Hillary and Her Party Should be Running Scared

Trump was inclusive and forceful. Whether or not people agreed with everything he said, there was something for everyone in his speech. Additionally, Americans saw a leader with a spine unlike the wimp who has occupied the White House for the last seven years.

Ivanka Deems Trump "The People's Nominee"

A great lead-up to a great populist speech from her father.

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