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Q: Who were the first U.S. explorers in Idaho?

A: Lewis & Clark in 1805.

RFK Jr. Says Biden 'Absolutely' Poses Worse Threat to Democracy Than Trump

RFK Jr knows first hand how Biden and the Dems weaponize the government against political opponents.

Trump Attends Wake of Slain NYPD Officer as Biden Attends 'Glitzy' NY Fundraiser

Talk about bad optics for Biden, Obama and Clinton. However, don't expect to hear about them on the dinosaur media.

US Has Urged Ukraine to Halt Strikes on Russian Energy Infrastructure, FT Reports

The sad thing is that the Biden Admin is urging in the best interest of its election chances because they are worried that high oil and gas prices will hurt them in the polls.

STUDY: PBS 'Washington Week' Journalist Roundtable Routinely Hates Republicans

Not sure if anyone event watches that crap anymore. PBS has really fallen over the last couple of decades.

Over 100 Migrants Break Through Razor Wire, Knock Down Guards as They Illegally Cross El Paso Border in Wild Scene

More American victims because of Biden and the Democrats.

DeSantis Announces First Rescue Flight to Bring Floridians Back from Haiti

Once again a Republican governor is helping Americans who are being failed by the Biden Administration.

EMBARRASSING: AOC Claims RICO is Not a Crime When Questioning Bobulinski About Joe Biden's Crimes

What a dingbat!

Business Associates Testify Biden Lied About His Involvement In the Family's Deals

It was disgraceful to watch Democrat congressmen try to play interference in protection of the criminal behavior of Biden.

NY Times, WashPost, and Wall St. Journal Have NO Hunter Story in the Paper

Media blackouts on important hearings are inexcusable.

House Holds Public Hearing on Biden Family 'Influence Peddling' with Ex-Hunter Biden Associates

Sickeningly, the dinosaur media is ignoring this hearing.

'Give Planet Fitness The Bud Light Treatment' -- Calls Grow To Boycott Gym After String Of Sexual Abuse From Men In Women's Bathrooms

It's a free market. If Planet Fitness wants to allow men to share showers with girls, let the people vote with their money by going to a different gym that respects women and girls.

Kevin O'Leary Says NY Attorney General Letitia James' Threat To Seize Trump's Assets Is 'An Attack' On America

It should be stated that anyone who agrees with what the Democrats in power are doing Trump are anti-American. Whether or not you like Trump, he's still protected under the constitution. Democrats tell us they want more power while showing how abusive they are with the power they have.

Younger People Prefer Donald Trump to Joe Biden, Poll Shows

Time to turn campuses back into rational places!

Aaron Rodgers on List for Running Mate for Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.

Wouldn't that be interesting?!

Special Counsel Robert Hur Says He 'Did Not Exonerate' Biden, Claims President Lied About Sharing, Locking Classified Docs

The Dems are so disgusting! They want to ignore the crime for political purposes.

Florida Rep. Cory Mills Rescued and Evacuated Americans in Haiti by Helicopter and Criticized Biden's "Pattern of Abandonment"

It's pretty bad but not unexpected or unprecedented to see people rescuing folks who the government won't.

Putin Warns the West: Russia is Ready for Nuclear War

People wonder what his motives are with a statement like this.

California Democrats Consider Giving 'Zero Down' Home Loans to Illegal Immigrants

And the taxpayers ask, "Where are the freebies for us?"

Liberal Pundit Keith Olbermann Claps Back At Troll By Pissing Down His Own Face?

Olbermann embarrasses himself with stupid Tweet and exposes himself as a pure anti-Constitutionist.

CNN and MSNBC Hold Funeral for Democracy as Trump Remains on CO Ballot

The left is not done yet, they will become more unhinged as the year progresses.

Biden Report Card: 47% 'Strongly Disapprove,' Which Is the Highest Yet

Hopefully the Dems don't find another effective way to scam voters again.

CBS Seizes Confidential Files of Fired Reporter Pursuing Hunter Biden Laptop Story in 'Unprecedented' Move

More proof of the media being in bed with the leftists in the country.

Putin Says Russia Prefers Biden Over Trump in U.S. Election

He's not admitting it but he knows Biden is afraid of escalating conflict.

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Slams 'Mega Loser State' New York Over $355M Trump Verdict and Says It Will Drive Businesses Out of the State

The radical leftists running the state don't care about the fallout. They've got their government jobs and pensions. They never care about anyone but themselves.

Missing Binder at Center of New Claim that CIA Drummed Up Spy Operation on Trump's 2016 Campaign

Obama and Brennan should face criminal charges. This is so un-American.

Biden Warned Putin In 2021 of 'Devastating' Consequences If Alexei Navalny Died In Prison

We'll see if Mr. Big Talker lives up to his word. So far he thinks he doesn't want to do anything.

(Pro-Crypto Attorney) John Deaton is Considering Running Against Senator Elizabeth Warren

That would be good; a pro-crypto person against an entrenched corrupt, big-government hack.

Trump-Loving Truckers Refusing to Drive to NYC After His $355 Million Fraud Ruling

Time to boycott New York in support of Daniel Penny and Trump.

CIA and Foreign Intelligence Agencies Illegally Targeted 26 Trump Associates Before 2016 Russia Collusion Claims

This is SOOO illegal!

Elise Stefanik Demands Letitia James Disbarment for 'Lawfare Campaign' Against Donald Trump

Go Stefanik! Abuse of power is one of the worst acts a public official can do.

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